We are a student team and develop Mars rovers with passion!

“FRoST” is short for “Frankfurt Robotics Science Team”.
Professor Karsten Schmidt, head of the Bachelor’s degree course Mechatronics at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, founded FRoST in 2018. Since then, our team has grown and no longer consists only of mechatronics students – we’ve become an interdisciplinary group of 10 to 20 active team members.

Our goals:
Goal#1 Developing a mobile robot platform for international competitions, thus establishing and strengthening international contacts
Goal#2 Generating project topics for students and thereby helping them gain practical experience
Developing new components and systems – contributing to current research

FRoST is always looking for support – personell, donations in kind and financial support. Are you interested? Drop us a line.

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  • FEB 2022 1st participation in the International Rover Challenge (IRC22)

  • FEB 2021 Project Lead: Lukas Sohlbach (M. Sc.), Max Triller (M. Sc.)

    Head of Software: Lukas Probsthain

    Head of Hardware: Marc-André Weismüller

  • SEP 2020 2nd participation in the European Rover Challenge (ERC20)

  • OCT 2019 Development start of the ARES rover

  • OCT 2019 Project Lead: Sebastian Sierla (M. Sc.), Evandro Caxala (M. Sc.)

  • SEP 2019 1st participation in the European Rover Challenge (ERC19)

  • AUG 2018 – SEP 2018 Development of the Horizon XIX rover

  • MAR 2018 Project Lead: Max Triller (M. Sc.), Sven Erchen (M. Sc.)

  • MAR 2018 Foundation of the Frankfurt Robotics Science Team by Prof. Dr. Karsten Schmidt